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Our Features

Feature 3

Easy settings

Place app's slider in defined positions or in custom place through the selector in Simcase configuration dashboard.

Feature 4

Personalized approach

Effective increasing conversion by the product's recommendations that are based on user's interests and store statistics.

Feature 1

Intelligent algorithms

Recommendations are used world-class algorithms such as item-to-item collaborative filtering and content analisys like in Amazon and Ebay.

Feature 2

Rapid Integration

Just register on our site and log in through the Ecwid account. If you have any questions you can contact us by e-mail

Product Labels

Grab your customer’s attention with custom product labels!

With Product Labels app create labels easily and quickly to grab your customer’s attention. Promote your free products, emphasise “Free Shipping” or other exclusive discounts for one or a range of your products.


$ 7.95 /MO

Currency Converter

Save your customers from pain of mathematical gymnastic by displaying prices in their home currency.

Currency Converter app gives a more personalized shopping experience for your customers by automatically redirecting them to the proper currency based on their geographic location. The customer can also change the desired currency from the selection box.


$ 4.49 /MO

New Products & Bestsellers App

Shows a blocks of New products and Bestsellers in your store.

New/Bestsellers app shows new and best-selling products to the user, without the need to add products to the store by himself. You can configure 4 types of recommendations: new products in the store, new products in the category, bestsellers in the store and bestsellers in the category.


$ 4.99 /MO

Smart Recommendations App

Shows a block of Related Products 'Recommended for You' on product's page, in category and in the shopping cart.

Recommendations widget shows products to the user that will be interesting for him with maximum probability. Service generates products recommendations based on user’s behaviour on the web store using complex mathematical algorithms.


$ 5.99 /MO

All Apps Include:

FREE trial // Quality Support // FREE Updates