Help for Product Labels

At this time Product Labels App allows to assign only one label of one type for any product in your store. If you assign multiple rectangular or circular labels to one product then on the storefront will be displayed one of each type. App will allow you to add several labels for any product in future.
To install our App please visit Ecwid installation page and click "Get App" button. Everything will be done automatically.
App's configuration
Admin panel
  1. Application visible in storefront. All labels will disappear from your store if you turn off this option, but App's Dashboard will be available for you. If App's work is incorrect, disable App by using this option and contact us by chat or support service for a solution to the problem. Don’t remove the app from your store because you will lose your paid period of App's using and Ecwid will charge additional payment if you will install App again.
  2. List of all labels for your store. Here you can disable, edit or delete any label in your store's storefront.
  3. Use «Add label» button for adding a new label.
  4. Forum thread related to the App. Here you can know last news and new features of App that will be added in the nearest future.
  5. Chat with us. You can get a help and an answer for any question about the App in case of any difficulties. Also you can tell us about any interesting features you want to add to your store. Our developers will add these features in next versions of the App!
Edit / Add new label
  1. Label's parameters
    • Name field is used for label's identification in the list of all labels on the App's Dashboard.
    • Text field specifies a text that will be shown inside a product's label on the storefront of your store.
    • Type field allows you to specify one of the following types of labels: circular (located above the product's image at the top) or rectangular (located under product's image).
    • Label2 Label1
    • Color field contains definition of label's text and background color. You can select predefined value or set your own color (Custom value).
    • Align field allows to specify alignment value related with the position inside the product's image.
    • Left Center Right
    • Offset field (not required) allows you to specify offset from the bound of the product's image (related with Align field). Value is set in pixels (px). Offset is specified from left bound if alignment of a label is left. And from right bound if alignment is right. You cannot specify offset value for Center alignment. You can specify offset value only for rectangular labels at now. But labels with circular type will support offset field in future.
    • Left offset0 Offset20 Offset60 Right offset0
  2. The method of labels assigning. Labels can be assigned by two ways:
    • Automatically. Label is assigned automatically by a set of rules that are defined by you. You can use one rule or a combination of rules.
    Label is assigned to all products that are in stock, added to the shop from 1 September 2016 and more expensive than 15$

    • Manually. You should select concrete products for labels assignment in this case.
    Label is assigned on 4 products

  3. Preview block allows you to see a look of label in store's storefront. This block will help you to define optimal parameters quickly.
  4. Click «Save» button to save all changes.
If you have a questions or difficulties contact us with online chat or by support service support service and we will help you!