Help for Smart Recommendations and Recently Viewed Products

App supports 4 types of recommendations in slider: The app doesn't display the blocked products. By blocked products we mean:


  1. Allows you to disable the app. But dashboard is still available for you. If the app is not working properly, you can quickly turn it off and contact us by online chat or support service for a solution to the problem. Don’t remove the app from your store because you will lose your paid period of App using and Ecwid will charge additional payment if you install App again.
  2. Choice of recommendations type for the selected page of your store. “No” option removes slider from selected page.
  3. This field is responsible for the configuration of slider position on the page. There are two options available now: "Top" and "Bottom". We are highly recommend you set "Top" value for Cart page because this will help customers to find best products for them.
  4. You can replace the slider title.
  5. This field is responsible for the setting specific slider's place that is differ from top or bottom. This configuration required HTML changes!
  6. You can put the slider inside the HTML element with specific class "recs_class", with selector “.recs_class”.
    Second point is an ID of HTML element (selector ‘#recs_id’) and you should add this to the HTML code:
  7. To reset page settings click on "Default"
  8. To reset all settings click on "Default all"
  9. To save all changes click on “Save changes”

How does the recommendation feature work?

Recommendations (sliders "Personal recommendations", "Buy after viewing" and "Buy after the purchase") work by the algorithm of global level, such analogs are used by such giants of eCommerce like Amazon and Ebay.

This algorithm finds the relationships between users actions and purchases and shows the products that customers will like the most and which are more likely to buy, along with the current. In the case of the slider "Personal recommendations" takes into account all recent client activity, allowing to choose not just the same for all the results, and the most suitable products at the moment - every time client would see the most interesting proposal.

Consider the example of how suggestions work in the simple case:

The buyer looked at A and then bought B. If so, there were a number of people, the next watching A can also offer B and with high probability they will buy it.

However, if B bought few times or no similarities in the behavior of buyers, we can't recommend it to A. Therefore, for some products recommendations sometimes are not shown - there are not enough purchases and relationships.

In reality, the algorithm is more complicated, especially when you have thousands of customers and products, but we take care of this complexity.

After installing the app

Once installed, the application performs the calculation of the recommendations on your store - it can take up to 2 hours. At this time you will have only one slider - "Recently viewed" and it will temporarily replace all the other sliders.

For example, if you put on the product page slider "Buy after the purchase", it will appear only after we calculate all of the recommendations. Up to this point in its place will appear "Recently viewed".

The calculation has passed, and on some pages are still "Recently viewed" slider. Why?

Probably in your store no enough data on sales and viewings of some products to show the representative recommendations on this page. If you are interested in details, look in the section "How does the recommendation feature work?"

Over time, the recommendations will be available to most products - their quality is constantly improving as you increase the number of sales, and they are updated daily. If still a few purchases of product then the algorithm could not find a suitable recommendation, so we show "Recently viewed" slider on the page.

In this case, the slider serves as an additional point of contact with the client and still helps you to sell.

However, if you have a lot of products without recommendations - you should not wait, please contact us, we will check your shop.

If you have a questions or difficulties contact us with online chat or by support service support service and we will help you!